Restart DXCluster

During the recent DXpeditions (3Y0J and FT8WW) the DXCluster was abused by fake users, fake spots, fake callsigns and even been used to send out discriminating text towards individuals. We think this needs to stop right here and now. A large number of people agreed with this and all over social media hamradio operators like Max Van Rymenant ON5UR and Roland HB9VQQ spoke out. Joost van Genderen PA5ZL (member of the foundation Hobbyscoop) contacted Roland after he posted on twitter the idea of making a POC (proof of concept) with more secure ways of logging in and distrubuting the data over the internet and stop dxcluster spamming.

The idea of DXcluster 2.0 was born.
After some messages between Roland and Joost the first 2 “super nodes” where been made: one in a datacenter in the US(HB9VQQ) and one in Amsterdam NL(PI4NOS) . HB9VQQ being the personal call of Roland and PI4NOS the clubcall of the foundation Hobbyscoop.
The current system is expanding as we speak with currently 3 supernodes and 3 regional dxclusters (HB9VQQ,PI4NOS and IQ2LB) which require user and password, one way of stopping the chaos off fake spots,etc.
There is a POC document made by Roland, HB9VQQ and can be read here. Please take 3 min of you time and let us know what you think and maybe you can contribute to this we think is the way forward.