The Best Time of The Year

Vacation: Else and I look forward to it again and again.

Weather and time  permitting, we enjoy travelling the old continent during the summer season. We once bought a second hand caravan. 

There have been some exceptions to the rule, but we only tend travel by caravan during the summer months. We don’t find it appealing to stay at a campground when temperatures are shy of 20┬░C ­čśë

Our destinations vary quite a bit as we really like to explore countries in Central, East and Southern Europe.

In our early twenties we discovered naturism in southern France. Since then, we try to combine a clothes-free vacation with sightseeing.

Unfortunately, some regions are not that open-minded to naturism and finding a nude beach while on a city trip can be rather challenging.

We’ve been visiting quite a few naturist campgrounds in Croatia, Montenegro, Spain and France. Guess these Mediterranean countries offer the greatest variety of naturist sites for those who travel around by caravan.

Earlier on you probably read we don’t like the colder weather. So winter holidays in the snow aren’t exactly our cup of tea. Our bank account permitting, we definitely enjoy escaping our winter season for a week or two. Or a short break during the mid season period.