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Contest Tips from K5ZD

Anyone who has ever entered a major international contest probably worked K5ZD at one time or another. Randy is a great contester from whom we all can learn a lot. So, why not watch this Youtube movie and get some…


Had some fun in the BCC QSO Party which allowed me to upgrade my WABCC 40 award to the next level. The party lasted for 2 hours and was conducted on 80m only.  

CWops: CWT short contest

Egbert Hertsen | ON4CAS

Only started earlier this year, but whenever I have the time, I’d like to join the CWT series held on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Always nice to meet a friendly bunch of people during this one-hour contest run.


Egbert Hertsen | ON4CAS

With the ARRL’s Volunteers On The Air program around, I thought it was a nice opportunity to participate in this year’s edition of the ARRL DX contest. I had a ball working all those US & Canadian stations. My low…